All B Gone Watch - Turn off all the things.

My fun watch project to turn off all the things.

The Rise and Fall of my Samsung Gear 2

After owning a rooted Samsung Gear 2 since 2013 and turning off all of my friends TV's, random bars TV's, and Best Buy's TV's, to everyone elses joyous suprise and benefit, the screen had finally given out. During those incredible years, I had a watch with an IR sensor and an application that would send every TV's off signal to any TV of my choosing. It was glorious.

After years of trying to keep this watch alive with battery and pcb replacements, the screen had finally died. Since the watch was discontinued, I did not want to spend a lot of money for some essentially outdated tech. Unfortunately, every watch that has been made since no longer had IR sensors and cameras built in, so I felt like I needed to make something custom.

If it was going to be custom, then I had to create something that was better than just a normal watch that can turn off TV's.

The Birth of the All-B-Gone Watch

After doing some research, I had stumbled across Deauther Watches which have the ability to deauthenticate 2.4G WiFi networks. This was a perfect match for my already devious plan to turn off TV's. Why not also bake in the ability to "turn off" WiFi networks?

I then needed to see if there were any custom TV-B-Gone chipsets that I'd be able to integrate into this build. That's when I stumbled upon these beauties: TV-B-Gone Kits by AdaFruit

After some custom soldering to make the components as low-profile as possible and wiring to feed off the lithium-ion pack of the Deauther Watch, I created my very own All-B-Gone Watch.


  • TV-B-Gone PCB w/ 2 narrow beam IR LEDs and 2 wide-beam IR LEDS: Turn off almost any TV from up to 150 ft away.
  • ESP8266 Deauther V2 Chipset: Ability to scan WiFi, block selected connections, create dozens of networks and confuse WiFi scanners.
  • It can tell me what time it is.
  • 8-10 Hours Work Time.
  • 5dB FPC Antenna.
  • 3D Printed Case.
  • And others...


  • Looks like I am under house arrest. Need to make it smaller.